Tim Hortonsstaff and management-quality of beverages

I worked at the Tim Horton's in Grande Prairie, AB. I worked there till Dec 20, 14 to Aug 22nd, 16. I loved working there. Great customers, great people I worked with. While working drive thru we got the fastest drive thru times and I got 100% on my computer training . It was a great place to work at. This isn't a complaint but feedback as a former employee and hope to improve the lives of employees at Tim Hortons. While working there I felt like my disability wasn't being noticed. I have ADHD, Anxiety and a learning disability. At the time they were making me go to drivethru. Because I have anxiety, everything becomes so difficult so fast. Some of the other people kept telling me to hurry up, making my anxiety worse. They would be demanding and sometimes impatient(workers) I know the drive thru times, but people with disabilities cant keep up. In my case Im fine with working fast paced jobs but theres others who cant. My anxiety can usually show up at any time and make my mind messy; making my movements slower and hands shakey. I told my boss, Freddie if I can go up front counter because of my situation but he dismissed it and said to go back. That day I asked if I can use the bathroom; resulting in me crying my eyes out in the bathroom. This happened several times. Disabilities in the workplace should be managed with, not dismissing it. I remember a teen was crying in the lunchroom. He mustve had a disability, since he was swaying back and forth. Management SHOULD deal with people with mental disabilities. It should be first priority in the workplace. And when I get the garbages in and outside the resturant I see plenty of workers leaving their garbage bags by the door outside (tripping hazard or fire hazard, blocking the door) and they never throw it in the bin, just leaving it for the next person. I think the garbage routine should change. I was always the one throwing the garbage out. EVERYONE should do every task. Not just one person doing it. I had a problem with this. Sometimes other people wouldnt want to do a specific job because they werent interested or would go onto an easier task. Every.One.Should.Do.Their.Job. Its a job, thats why we get paid. Im sorry to say, but theres alot of lazy workers at Tim Hortons. I see workers at drivethru sneaking a drink at the cashier drivethru (bacteria) and other workers getting irritated at customers because they think they made an accurate coffee, not noticing the expired coffee from 12 minutes ago. I seen this SO MANY times. They would try and make an expired coffee last, changing the time on the coffee pot and serve it. I also notice others at drivethru window they would put a different label on the drink, like for example the person orders a DD and the coffee maker would put TT on the drink. I told her that it was the wrong coffee, yet her insisting its right she gives it to the driver and off she goes, resulting in a upset customer coming back. I worked at another Tim Hortons for a few weeks. Mostly because the manager thought I was a minor so she put me on two shifts in the 3 weeks I was working there. I gave them my D.O.B on my application but yet they still thought I was a minor, me being 20. Also I take the bus. Buses run from 8am-9:45pm but I had to get off work at 10, resulting in me having to walk home. Half an hour walk home. Its crazy how everything is run at Tim Hortons. They should change. Happier employees results in happier customers. I do love Tim Hortons but its ridiculous. Even my friends and family think its crazy. Tim hortons is a growing coffee company but yet the staff and manegment arent showing that part of Tim Hortons.

Feb 02, 2017

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