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Think of the most disgusting thing imaginable. If that sort of thing bothers you, skip this post..

This happened this morning at the Tims at Kennedy and Derry. I walked in like most mornings, and today there was nobody in line. Just the two employees chatting at their respective cash registers. The one on the left (trying to be discrete) had half her index finger jammed up her nose.

Sorry folks but that's not the gross part. Just my luck she asks "Can I help you". I reluctantly ordered my coffee from her. I'm getting the chills as I watch her make the coffee, handling the spoon and lid both with the same hand she was cleaning house with.

She takes my money and hands over the coffee, and I nearly threw it on the floor when I felt something stuck onto the side of the cup. I grabbed a napkin and wiped it off in absolute disgust.. This has completely grossed me out and I will never ever go back to that store.

I wish I were more confrontational because I should have absolutely let her have it, and made sure that everyone else in the store who walked in after me knew about it.

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  • Lo
      Jul 13, 2011

    I think you should have told her that you want her to wash her hands before she does anything. You, as a customer have the right to tell them what you want. If they touch (or pick) their nose, touch the garbage or anything that leads to cross contamination, which can make you, the customer, sick. You should have either went to the other employee or just walked out because what she did is unacceptable.

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