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Oakville, ON, Canada

Cannot delete account within app, and company prevents you from doing so. (Facebook-esque)

You cannot delete your account within the app, so I call customer service. They told twice I had to email their appsupport to delete my account, that I cannot do it within the app. They don't have the email for this on their webpage, so I called yet again, and got the email. Email returned that they cannot delete my account, have to do it within the app.

I call yet again, and they say they cannot say anything about the app, and that no one can speak to me about the app. I said that customer service and the app are telling me two different things, so one of them is wrong. I've deleted the app, but I'm outraged they are keeping my data including my credit card number.

After 5 phone calls and 3 emails, I haven't been able to delete my account.

Jul 04, 2018

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