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I am coming to corporate with a concern about the assistant manager at the Tim Horton's store 3316 Lakeshore Rd West, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1M9. Over my time of employment with Tim hortons, I have witnessed and been victim to multiple forms and events of bullying and unprofessionalism by the assistant manager Julie. These events include but are not limited to;
breach of trust, respect, as well as confidentiallity. It has come to my concern that she has and continues to have a group message including a few of the other staff members where she feels comfortable talking about the performance of the work being done in the store as well as letting those other workers know when she will be 'in the mood' to write up employees for work that needs to be corrected.

As an employee, I should not feel that I am going to a work place that supports bullying and having confident matters broken and this matter should no longer be taken lightly.

Employees deserve respect and to feel safe and comfortable in the work place, and at this time myself, and many other employees do not feel this way. Unfortunately because of the relationship between both the manger and assistant manager I myself and many other employees do not feel comfortable in talking to the store manager about this issue as well as many issues in general.

I would like to discuss this further, and would like a resolution to this to be found ASAP OR on behalf of myself and the other employees we would like actions taken so that we can gain the trust and support back of the people that we are supposed to look up to and come to when issues occurs like these ones.

Employee at Tim Horton's store 3316 Lakeshore Rd West, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1M9

Oct 16, 2018

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