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Thrifty Car Rental / bait and switch - dishonored confirmation

1 Tallahassee AirportTallahassee, FL, United States

I a an attorney, licensed in the state of Michigan. This morning I called the Thrifty Car Rental 800 number to reserve a midsize car for a one week rental period (May 31, 2015 through June 7, 2015). I was quoted a total price of $183.86. The car was scheduled to be picked up at the Tallahassee airport at 2 pm. My husband and I took a $60 cab ride to the airport and when we arrived at the counter we were told that they did not have a confirmation number for our reservation in their system. And that they were out of midsized cars, and would not honor the price, but that they had a more expensive larger car for us to rent. We protested saying that was bait and switch. And, that we had a confirmation number. The clerk was very rude and said a confirmation number is not a guarantee of a car, and that they don't have to honor the price. She said that the 800 number does not know what type of inventory the lot has and that they don't have to honor any quotes given by the 800 number. My husband told the clerk this was not acceptable, and was Fraud/Bait and Switch. He walked away from the counter as i called the 800 number from the counter. I was told by the 800 number clerk that I had a confirmed reservation and that it was a guaranteed car at a guaranteed price - and that she could see our confirmation in the computer. The counter clerk called her manager to come to the site and refused to look for our confirmation in her computer. I waited about 15 minutes till the manager arrived, in the meantime, I had the 800 clerk on the phone who confirmed with the site clerk that we had a reservation for a midsize car at $183.86. The clerk refused to look it up and said that her manager would handle things from here on. When the manager arrived, he said he refused to rent us a car because my husband had raised his voice to the clerk when she was trying to bait and switch him to a more expensive car. BAIT AND SWITCH IS FRAUD - ANYONE WOULD BE UPSET. Rather than apologizing for their fraudulent behavior of the clerk and honoring a quote for a guaranteed car they refused to give us a car. I had the 800 clerk on the phone the entire time, and she heard everything -- she apologized to me. We had to spend another $60 to take a cab home. This is unacceptable! We have used Thrifty in the past (Detroit Airport) and were quite satisfied. When they were out of a midsize car, they upgraded us -- they honored their guarantee and commitment. The manager here seemed to be very happy at his power and ability to send us away if we were not willing to pay the higher price. I am an attorney, and a very professional woman. My husband is also a professional. We treated the clerk and manager with respect, an do not appreciated being treated this way and told to have a nice day and go away. This is not how to run a business.

May 31, 2015

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