SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]edmonton londonderry mall staff

Friday December 7, around 6:30pm 2nd floor
After my husband got off work, we decided to head to the Hudson's bay to couch shop. My husband and I were sitting on a couch with our Starbucks, as he was price matching the couch on his phone. Franca, came over to tell us we couldn't sit on a couch we weren't buying. My husband instantly told her that she was wrongly assuming stuff because we are young and he was wearing sweats and a hoodie after getting off work, and she had no idea if we were buying the couch or not. She instantly then rudely said we can't stay because of our Starbucks then. It's okay, we will take our 3000$ somewhere else. This store judges based off of looks and treats paying customers very rudely.

Dec 07, 2018

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