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I am here to raise a complain towards a customer service issues which occurred on 13th May 2017 at the Hong Kong branch, between myself and four of my friends.

At approximately 10:30pm, we arrived the restaurant and registered. The receptionist passed me the device for queueing up and told me the waiting time will take 40-45mins. At the meanwhile, one of my friend approached me and I just repeated, what the receptionist has just told me. Suddenly, the receptionist voiced loud and told us the worst case is around 3 hours. Actually, my friend was annoyed of the bad service and the way we were threaten, but then things even worse happened.

Around 30mins later, my device was vibrating. When I approached the receptionist, the DT (who are standing at the reception with black skin and fluffy hairs) just took my device and said something like "you should step aside and..." and just turn her back, even she did not finish the sentence in our direction. Due to the background music, it was hard to understand her and I replied "pardon me?“ She just looked at me with a facial expression of annoyingness and instructed me with her finger to stand aside to wait and someone will show me the way. I was quite surprised about her reaction, I suggested her "In the future, you better complete your sentence before you turn you back to your customer". She replied in an arrogant way, "Sounds good!" I was so embarrassed and disappointed about how arrogant and disrespectful her attitude was. She even started gossiping among with her colleagues about me (she was obviously AGAIN pointing to me and narrative what had just happened and her replies), in front of me?! How could this kind of poor customer service appear in this well-known restaurant? Especially my friends and me had been to your shops in SF and LA, we loved it and it used to be one of our favorite in the states, but this experience has totally ruined the image, what a "remarkable" service!!

Actually, we had raised this concern to your senior manager HK branch “Jason Shum” about this incident, but except repeating, how sorry he felt and intended to compensate us with the bill settlement (which we had refused on the spot), he did not really listen and understand what we want to express. And at the end he had still refused to tell us the name of the DT.

We are so disappointed about how can a DT trainer can treat customers like this and we are really in doubt whether she is capable to train up all staff around the world. Probably it would be a better idea, if she is going back to the training school and re-train the proper customer services once again. Definitely this is the worst customer services I had to face in my entire life!!

May 16, 2017
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  •   May 16, 2017

    That type of service would not make me happy. They do have a facebook page, so I would try to make direct contact via their facebook page.

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