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I have an Inglis clothes drier that after breaking down 2x in 2 years, being only 2 years old, was deemed 'unrepairable'- unbeknown to me. I called the Brick repair 8 days after I was supposed to hear from someone about a repair apt, only to find this out, and to be told that I had a credit ($303.96) at the local Brick to come and pick out a new drier, if not the same model, then something close, and that I would have to pay the difference if it were more money. I was told that The Brick would not charge me delivery for a new drier, and would pick up and dispose of my old one upon delivery.
I went to the Brick and decided to buy a new set of front loaders, washer and drier instead of just a drier as there was nothing there that suited what I wanted. ( $1, 600.00 sale approx.)
Everything was great UNTIL I was told that
1) I was being charged for delivery -$79
2) They would not pick up and dispose of my old drier.
That meant that although I was getting an ' in store' credit of $303.96, I now was being charged $79, which means now I'm technically only getting $224.96. AND I would have to pay to have my drier removed.
I stood in disbelief when the people at the Brick told me this, and that now my 5 year warranty that I had on the drier was null in void when they gave me the in store credit.
I spoke to the sales lady's manager that I had spent 3 hours with making sure I was getting just the right set that I wanted...then I spoke to the store manager, who wouldn't listen or budge on the delivery charge, and then spoke to someone at Trans Global, who insisted that no one had told me such information, when I insisted I wasn't dumb enough to say something that I knew that could easily be checked out .
After feeling so defeated, I told the sales lady to forget the Front loaders that I had just spent all that time picking out, and apologized for wasting her time. I spoke to the others and told them how unhappy I was, and that I was shocked that all I had thought was going to happen, wasn't . And that I couldn't believe that they were letting a $1600.00 sale go because of a $79 charge for delivery and not picking up the old drier.
So I walked away from the washer and drier that I had set my heart and hopes on. The lady at the service desk told me that the 'instore' credit would be there in my phone number for when I wanted to return to the Brick for a purchase.
Black Friday I went to the Brick for their big sale. I had some items in mind that I had seen and thought I would purchase with the credit.
I got there at 6am for doors opening. I spent about half an hour looking around and then decided that I would purchase a dishwasher instead. I talked to the salesman and he 'thought' it wouldn't be a problem and we went to the service desk, ONLY to find out that now they are telling me that I HAVE to purchase a drier for drier. Which is not what I was told when I was originally there. Again I stood in disbelief. The salesman ( DREW) was very nice and said he would see what he could do and call me that day. I have not heard back from him. That was 7 am Friday Nov 24th.
So, I am sitting here at home, still wondering what I am to do now. I have the 'in store ' credit that is useless to me as I went to Home Depot and purchased the same set of front loaders that I had seen at The Brick as I was getting zero satisfaction there.
All I want is a credit to purchase ANYTHING at the store. And I don't expect to hear back from them. HELP me please. I have been a loyal Brick customer for 30 years. Everything in my home is from there, and my daughter's homes. But this will be the end for me if this doesn't get resolved. I cannot afford to throw away $300 . It was a big decision to purchase the front loaders and thought it was great until all this happened.
I don't know what else to do.
The store was in Orangeville.

Nov 25, 2017

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