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The Bay in Laval / treated me like a criminal

1 Canada

it all started on valintines day,i bought a 150$ bottle of parfume for my girlfreind but turrns out she gets a reaction with this brand,so when i go to retune it (with no reciept)i was told sorry they can not,i said fine it is my fault that i threw out the recept,well i found out that there policy is without a recept i can get a credit,so icall back and spoke to a rep at the fregrance counter named Dianne,now first of all im talking in english and she refuses to even try to talk back in english(i mean i know im in quebec but why should i try and not her)when i bought the item she was nice but when it came time to retune it,thats a different story,now besides the fact she wont speak to me (or even try)wasnt enough,she claims i need the reciept and pretty much called me a lier,i had to stand there for 30min, listening to her tell me that she all of a sudden forgot the policy and made me to look like the ciminal,i was getting all sorts of looks from others. well istood my ground and after a long argument they gave me credit aon a gift card,(thats all i wanted)but whats in there policy is that they should do just this as long as i have id,now when Dianne was told by her own manager to refund me on a gift card she became even more rude,asked me for id so i gave my drivers licence(name and adress on it)then she actully told me that it was a fake,i mean whatt more can she do to insult me?i want a letter of apoligy from her and the company as i am a loyal client of the hbc(the bay and zellers)this experiance had put a big dent in the way i look at this company,its ok when they take your money but when you ask for it back,they have all sorts of excuses including telling me to my face im a lier,i want this rep of yours (at the cairffor laval store,female fragrance dept)dianne to get retrained in her job and the policys as she was very rude and uninformed on her job

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