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TGI Friday's / not doing what was requested... charging gratuity when not nessasary

1 NampaNampa, ID, United States Review updated:

Some Co-Workers and I went out to have a birthday lunch for one of the co-workers. We asked them to put the orders on separate bills...we were all paying separate. Not only did it take forever to come take our order, the food take one HOUR to get to us and they added the total bill together and added a 18% Gratuity fee to the bill. There was 9 of us and we told the waitress we wanted the bills separated and she said they are, they are all just ont the same bill to save paper, but they are separate. So we all had to figure out what each of us owed and we all paid with separate bank cards and it was a HUGE hassle. I was not planning on leaving a tip because it took so long to get our orders put in and then it took and hour to get the food.

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  • Si
      30th of Mar, 2010
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    Gratuity is added whether you have seperate checks or not, no matter what restaurant you eat at. Typically gratuity is added for more than 8 people. And what most people do not understand is that it is not the servers fault if the food takes an hour, the servers dont run back and cook your food, they just take your order and punch it in. So you are punishing your server for something that is the fault of the cook. I have worked in food service for many years and I see people like this all of the time. They come in with large groups thinking that it is easy for everyone's check to be seperate. I understand the guest is "always right" but when you come in with a larger party, give your server some slack. They are one person, you are 9 people all wanting different things on seperate tickets. I am sure you have no idea how their computer even works, most restaurants you have to put the whole order in and then go back in and seperate it out. And what is even more irritating, I am sure you dont work anywhere where you make mistakes or your guests have had to wait. Target, where the merchandise is always in the wrong spot? Kohls where clothing is always laying all over the floor? Albertsons where "3 or more is a crowd" but there are 5 people in line and no one calls for back up cashiers? Old Navy where you are no longer to exchange things without a reciept? A bank where you have to take more than 3 checks inside when you have 3 sleeping children in the car? But although most of these inconveniences are not the fault of just one cashier or sales person, these people make minimum wage and dont rely on tips so we go and complain to management. Servers rely on tips to pay their bills and gas to drive to work to serve people like you who have no idea how much it means to get stiffed on a 9 top table when it was the cooks fault that your food took an hour. Next time you dont want to wait an hour or tip with 9 people, go to McDonalds!!

  • Re
      27th of May, 2011
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    Next time you go to a TGI Fridays, look at the back page of the menu. On the bottom is CLEARLY states that "On a party of 8 or more an 18% gratuity is added"

    Being a server myself, I do not like to add gratuity to a check. I am confident in my abilities where I usually get more than 20%

    One thing that some people need to realize is that servers depend on their tips to survive. Having a guest say "Thank You" and then hand you a $5 tip on a $90 check does not pay my rent, or provide food and clothing for my kids.

    If you can not afford to go out to eat to be waited on by a server AND tip your server AT LEAST 15-20%. Go to McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's and order from their Value Menus!!!

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