Texas Roadhouse / service/training issues

We went to the new location in Alpha/Talbott tn and that had to be the worse service ever !! We have been going to Texas Roadhouses for years ! But when we finally got sat down tonight our waiter never came at first we probably sat there about 20mins at our table before my fiance got the waiter behind us and asked for aleast our drinks because we hadnt seen anyone except all the 10 girls piled in front of us as your walking in the door where they go to sit you also seemed like a manager or a shift leader was in the middle of them. But the waiter that did help us in the meantime with our waiter being lost somewhere seemed like he was the only one in that place that knew what he was doing and he was the most repectful one also ! I completely understand that it's a new location ive worked in restaurants for years and Im a manager myself but they need to get it together before you all lose anymore customers because we will never be back at this location I would rather drive the extra time to go to the one in knoxville then to deal with that service ever again !!

Nov 24, 2017

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