Texas Roadhousefood and service

T Oct 25, 2018

Went out with my family for dinner. My food was drastically undercooked. I ordered a steak well done, came out rare, my mother's food was almost burned, she ate it anyway. I sent mine back and they sent out my baked potato 10 mins before my steak came out. The steak was in the back for 20 more minutes atleast. I figured they were cooking a fresh 1, instead I received my original steak burned and squished back together. I told them I wasn't going to eat it and was completely disrespected for the rest of our visit. The waiter didnt come back and ask if we needed anything else until the check was due. A manager came around while I was waiting and told her what had happened and she basically shrugged it off like she didnt care. This is the worst service I have ever had. The waiter was unprofessional and so was the manager. 42 dollars lighter and had to stop for fast food on the way home. I will rate the company online and share my experience with everyone willing to listen.

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