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I called Telus to discuss a problem with my bill, not to mention how i called to suspend my service a month ago and they never did. After not being treated well by the attendant, I was put through to a women who was the manager and it seemed like she got a thrill by upsetting me more. Her name was Christina and I feel like she was never properly trained in customer. Her words and tone with me only made me more mad. When i told her i was going to complain she replied "EXCELLENT"... please tell me how a huge company like Telus, has someone like this representing them. I hung up on her and called back and got somewhat of a solution and when my contract is up I plan on canceling my service with Telus and NEVER EVER going to give business to Telus again. I have been with Telus for over 10 years and i have never been through this problem before. This is not how a business should be running with all the money it receives from people like me. One of the frustrating issues is that they don't have a department to deal with representatives that are AWFUL. If you are thinking of getting cell phone service from Telus, DON'T there are many other companies that provide better customer service and better phone service.


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  • Al
      11th of Jun, 2007
    Telus - Horrible customer service!

    I have just been through Telus hell. I was trying to move my business line and I was told that the location that I was moving to had a line installed and hookup would be easy. (I have been sending my calls to the Telus central location and forwarding them to a cell phone on a temporary basis) I was asked if I wanted a morning or afternoon appointment so I chose the morning. At 7:30 A.M. the day of the install if you called my business line it said that it was out of order. I called Telus and they said that by the time they re-set it the installer would be there. Five calls later I am still begging Telus to restore my line and asking what happened to my morning appointment. The installer arrived at 2:30 P.M. and declared the site not ready for installation. No installation and no restoring of the phone number. I receive a rude call at home that evening from Telus asking if I had ordered an emergency call forward ( something one of the 5 customer service reps must have order in an attempt to restore my number. ) When I said that I had been trying all day to have my line restored he said " That is not what I asked you..." Thirty hours later my number is finally restored and another appointment is made to install the line. Appointment #2 rolls around and nobody shows up. I call again and asks to talk to a manager. He promises me some free services and promises me installation. I threaten to cancel all phone / internet / cell services if nobody shows up and he gives me his word installation will happen. Installer calls later that day to confirm date. Appointment # 3... nobody comes by. I call again, same story. " We are sorry about the mix-up. I will make this happen for you. I promise someone will be there tomorrow." I say enough is enough. Forget the install and leave my phone in the central office. Next morning the business line is out of order for another 2 hours. Now it is my turn... to begin canceling anything connected with Telus. They don't care and losing my business is no big deal to them.

    Maybe Shaw will be better.

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  • Ry
      17th of Apr, 2010

    Telus is the Worst Canadian Company ever i'm ashamed to call them Canadian. I to have had both problems with my Cell and my inter net But this is about my inter net right now were paying for 15mb/s internet But were only getting about 1mb/s tops so i called them up and asked why my speed is so slow.. They quickly said its the other side. . . So i called Direct 2 drive and asked them they said they people download from them from any were from 10kb/s to 20mb/s so i went to my buddys house he's got Shaw and i watch as the same link go past 1mb/s to 13mb/s i provided this prof to telus and they have YET to get back to me... that was over a year ago.. Now i just bad mouth them to no end.. I've gotten 30 people if not more to switch from Telus to Shaw.. And would advise you to do the same.

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  • Kl
      29th of Apr, 2010

    Telus sucks!!! horrible customer service, do not go there my advice i am stuck for two more years

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  • Ki
      8th of Oct, 2010

    Breach of contract, overbilling, the worst customer service I have ever experienced, dealing with a bunch of complete idiots, CEO & his office staff don't return emails, clearly because they don't give a ### about their customers, disconnection of business services on four different occassions...NO RESOLUTION, but lots of apologies for the stupidity of they way TELUS is run. Who and where is this idiot Darren Entwhistle when his company is losing customers at the fastest rate in telecommunications history...I guess I would be hiding too!!

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  • Cm
      8th of Oct, 2010

    since when is telus in the US ?
    Just move to another provider and i hope it works out better :)

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  • Da
      9th of Oct, 2010

    How about their "Unlimited" North America long distance!! I have been getting charges on my bill for long distance, and when I called in to say this was a mistake they told me that some area codes are not included in this plan. (Then tell me how they can call it Unlimited, is that not false advertising??) So after a few calls, they were supposed to take the charges off my bill because I had not been informed of that when I signed up to the service, but bill after bill no credit. So I called again, then I had someone tell me that Iowa and the part of Michigan where these area codes are not covered, were Islands. That they were islands and not part of North America. OK so that left me a little stunned, and wondering who is working for Telus and where they are. I have resorted to writing letters now and including Consumer law and possibly small claims court if I don't get a resolution. It is pretty sad though, because I agree that they just don't care, I agree that the people on the phones are just reading a script, they don't give a hoot what we have to say they just repeat their script. I tried to get them to admit they do not have an unlimited plan, but they couldn't do that they just kept saying that it is unlimited, but it just doesn't include those certain area codes, arrrgg. That is not Unlimited then people.

    I think the time has come that consumers have to stop being sucked in by telus's free signup stuff, and do research here and really consider NOT using their service. If they don't care because they have so many 'customers' then let's all join together and make sure they have less customers !! Customer service is where it is at. The future is in customer service, and all of us who have had these experiences with Telus know that Telus will eventually suffer and hey maybe even go out of business because of the way they treat their millions of customers. (one million minus one - today!!)

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  • Mi
      22nd of Jun, 2011

    ive had internet stick since 2009 always worked good then went to add more coverage and wished i would not even called there customer service sucks mikey in tweed ont.

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  • In
      23rd of Dec, 2011

    Do not use Telus!! If youy call too much and have a legitimate beef they are all in charge and give out a cell number!!After trying to get
    through 11 calls to a Natalie who was moving to Vancouver with a cell no. that came up with her husband's bus. no. I was informed that I would not be able to call anymore as Telus Security would be involved!! She later regretted this statement as I received an apology letter from a Devon but when I checked my file with Telus there were disparaging remarks added. These were added by someone at: 780-822-3311. After much discussion my file was amended !! I warn anyone who has ever had a dispute with Telus to check your file as they make sure this info' follows you to new provider. Also beware when techs come out and say they are in management as for me they spent the whole time telling me that i should give my credit cd. info. so I could get one of their programs!!
    Utter crap as the Tech. line explained it would never work!! And why would this Natalie in Management be using a Telus supplied phone for her job for her husband's business! It was even answered that way!!

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  • Ch
      21st of Mar, 2012

    I have been made 2 offers from their Indian call centre only to be told later that there was no record of any special offer given. The first was an extension of my current Supertalk10 + extras plan for 3 years with a new phone. They sent me the phones, did not give thee extras and claimed no one ever made such an offer. Then they said I received the phones so I am obligated to stay with them for 3 years or pay a penalty of almost $1000. I had to threaten to sue Telus and go to the media. Their Toronto call centre is full of arrogant, condescending people who do not care or know what customer service is. Then today I get a call from a lady in India from a marketing company subcontracted by Telus, offering 2 months free data and wanted my PIN and other personal information. Then she says she has my personal info, address, email, home phone#, $ of my last invoice, etc. I said I will verify with Telus so I call Telus, they verify the call is legit but then tell me that no such offer was made. Complete and utter incompetents! I am also seriously concerned about my personal information given to outbound marketing people in India. BEWARE if they make you an offer make sure they send it to you by email or text in writing or they will claim they never did and try to tie you to a contract that was not what was originally promised. As far as I am concerned they are liars, crooks, dishonest and I can not wait for my contract to end!!!

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  • Be
      13th of Dec, 2015

    My landline No is 604 485 0032. I tried my cell phone to phone 310 2255 given to me by Telus co. at our Powell River Mall, B.C. Got another no.310 8324. How do I wait for them to call me back, like 45 minutes. They never call or could take my No. This is frustrating. I am without my landline for 2 days. My email address is [protected]

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  • Be
      13th of Dec, 2015

    I don't have anymore to comment.

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