Telustelus device care plan (not the premium plan) member

I am a Device Care client. I pay $6 per month for Telus DC. Device Care. Terms of DC Warranty program state "Coverage for up to two incidents of accidental or liquid damage (subject to $49 service charge). Please call the E Securitel support centre within 60 days of the incident to make a service request.

On 16 Dec 2016 I made a service request via the local Nanaimo BC Telus agents outlet and called E Securitel and reported the glass on my Galaxy S4 had broken due to an accident. The agent refused to accept the claim because the incident occurred on the 31st October 2016 which was beyond the 30 days reporting period. The report should have been made within 30 days of the incident occurring. However the Telus Device Care Web page says..."within 60 days". There is a disconnect between E Securitel and the Telus info on the web page . I wish to complain that this discrepancy has resulted in my claim being denied. I request you assist me with resolving this issue to my satisfaction. My cell: [protected] thankyou.

Dec 18, 2016

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