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Telus Mobility / rip off artists

1 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: 403-452-5843

I had signed up for a family plan for one year with three phones. I had purchased unlimited text messages, evenings and weekends, etc. I faithfully paid my phone bill every month up until the last two months of the contract when I ran into some financial difficulties. I called telus to arrange a payment plan to pay them back. This was set up, and then the client care representative (read con-artist) starts to talk me into buying a "cheaper" contract for another year. After asking several times if I could make the monthly payments on the outstanding balance as well as the new lower payments for the new contract, I was told repeatedly this was not a problem. Two weeks later I received a call from telus stating that I owed the outstanding balance now. I explained about the payment plan and was told that this was not allowed if there was a valid contract (the new one). I now have to cancel my plan, but they want me to pay a $400 cancellation charge. I feel this is unfair as it was their underhanded, overzelous, and dishonest representative who lied to me. I have spent many hours talking to many people on the phone and never getting anywhere. I am a single mother and my credit rating is being affected, even though I had tried to do what was "right". Telus are a bunch of rip off artists, and they will never have my, or my family's, business again!!

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  • An
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    I agree 100% with you. I got caught in a major scam of theirs. I had a pay and talk phone, they called me and wanted me to change to a subscribed plan. If I took it the offered me a $150 credit, but the deal was that if my account reached $200 it would automatically be disconnected until that was paid. Unfortunatly I ran into financial problems and my phone was disconnected. I called them to advise that I was going to pay what I owed. They told me that I had to pay $850 as a termination fee as I was on a 3 year contract. I NEVER agreed to no contract. I have been calling them and speaking to many different departments, some have hung up on me. I want them to pull the call stating that I agreed to a term but they refuse, they say that it is not possible. I am prepared to pay for service received but they will not allow it. I have been trying to speak to Darren Entwistle (president and CEO) but they will not allow that. I am prepared to take them to small claims court.

  • An
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    Does anyone out there know how to call Darren Entwistle directly?

  • Ke
      28th of Dec, 2008
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    I couldn't agree more too..Also Fido sucks.. I learnt a painful lesson, that is never to sign nor renew ANY contract with these terrible cellphone companies.. as this would them every excuse to suck money out from your wallet.. They are pretty sneaky with their up upselling skills (be careful!)

    The truth is Telus, Fido will nickel and dime you with every opportunity they can get..So don't give them any CHANCE!

    The lesson is clear: Don't ever, I repeat do NOT sign any contract commitment (even if its verbal) with Fido or Rogers or Telus for that matter

    as it is most likely, the renewal agreement is NOT a formal contract, (its a red flag and a good indication of scam) For example: A telemarketer or Fido agent calls you up asking about customer's satisfaction survey
    and then offers you a free Sony Ericsson W300i or Nokia phone for $0 but the catch is you will have to give them some of your personal information (such as your birth date), agree to a 3 year agreement and they already activate the new number line for you.. if you wanted to cancel after that, too late.. you will be punished with a hefty ECF fee ($400 max). This is one of their sneaky tricks..another one is the much hated System Access Fees (SAF)
    (whoever said Fido dropped those fees after November 4, 2008? should look in the mirror again!)

    remember: without your signature on the contact, it won't hold up, if they do this without your consent or knowledge
    you can tell them you are not going to pay it unless they can produce a written contract with your signature on it..
    It is most likely they back down because of this... You can use this as evidence to dispute this to the Fido Customer Relations Department or in court.

    Hope this helps, its time to declare war on Fido.

  • Ke
      28th of Dec, 2008
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    My Message with dealing with terrible cellphone companies like Telus and Fido is very clear: "If you ever dare to mess up with me (commit billing fraud, dishonesty, offer false BS promises, SAF and ECF fees etc.),
    I will mess up with you." Consumers Beware: Boycott Fido!!!~ Spread the word around throughout Canada and the world
    in the internet so that it goes bankrupt, its reputation tarnished and learns its lessons of cheating poor customers and their loyalty. sometimes it take courage to push other to change their nasty habits and thinking... Good Luck!!

  • Fo
      2nd of Jun, 2011
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    I recently bough a new Iphone from Telus Mobility at the store in Galeries Des Sources in the west island of Montreal. I had lost my phone so I needed another one and went to the store at Fairview Shopping Center where I bought my original Iphone. They made me pay a $360 upgrade fee plus $175 new phone fee to get a new phone... and that was after I waited in the store for over 3 hours because their computers did not work... then they could not even process my order.

    I was very upset that I would have to pay an additional $535 just to get a new phone but they are like Nazies! So I was forced to go to the nearest location at the Galleries Des Sources.. also located in the West Island of Montreal. Once arrived I asked to process my new phone upgrade fee and new Iphone 4 order... I really needed a phone and did not want to argue any more. They processed my order and I confirmed with them that I would have 14 days to exchange or return it if I needed... as per the telus corporate rules... he said yes that is the rules.

    A few days later I found my original Iphone, IGA phoned me and it was stuck in some food Ilses... LOL funny. So I got my phone and went back to the store a the galleries des sources to get my phone and upgrade fee credited as promised be the representative. To my surprise he said this was a franchise store and they do not take returns and denied telling me a few days ago that I had 14 days to return my phone... Man I feel so ripped off like i have never felt before, got scammed for over $500 from Telus, treated like ### by more than one store.. and stil stuck in a contract... this is corporate nazism! Don't ever buy from Telus if you know what is good for you.

  • Re
      11th of Jun, 2011
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    You really think that Darren would be available to take calls from hundreds of thousands of angry customers? This is exactly there is a customer service and retention department. He does catch wind of letters that are sent to him, through the telus mobility website. These goes to the office of the president. So try that.

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