Telus Communicationsbilling errors without redress - where are telus managers?

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I have never complained, nor considered complaining online before about a service, but after 7 months of being overbilled by Telus Communications - first on administration fees and thereafter on "monthly services" (read internet charges) - and after as many attempts to have it corrected, I am fed up. I have been left wondering what Telus policy is regarding customer billing complaints and whether they give well-willing service representatives the authority to resolve these, for instance in terms of corporate culture, performance evaluation systems, training and effective computer applications. Furthermore, I wonder at the apparent lack of willingness of managers to speak with their customers. After 5 monthly attempts to let service representatives address the problem, I have tried to access a manager. Of the last three representatives that I spoke with, only the last one did not stonewall my request to speak to a manager. Alas, even an escalation 3 form, which should have prompted a manager to phone within 12 to 24 hours, has failed to get me in touch with one.

Telus, what are you going to do about this? How can you expect to keep customers in the long term if you do not provide valued customer service? This kind of lapse can easily create a poor impression about a company as a whole, despite its positive performance in other areas. Please, address this lapse in customer service and save people like me hours of wasted time and feelings of frustration resulting from failed attempts to try to deal with you amicably.

If you listen to your customers better than others do, you can "inherit the world."


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      Oct 13, 2008

    I'm also getting screwed over by Telus over an extra charge for the internet service that suddenly appeared on my bill without any explaination. Contacting Telus I was told it was "a system error" that occured a year ago. Why should I pay for their error that occured last year??
    Calling Telus was a complete waste of time. Currently I'm looking into other alternatives for phone and internet and perhaps with some luck, I can drop Telus forever!!!

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      Feb 26, 2011

    Telus recently telephoned my house and advised me they are installing my service at another building lot located two door away. Many calls to telus have not rectified this situation, we are not moving, have been at this location since 1992 and today our telephone was cut off. It is amazing I pay this corporation 300 to 1000 dollars each month on my cellular telephone and another installment for my office. This is it!!! my business is being transfered after thirty years of paying these @@@@##### Campbell River, BC Canada

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