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Hi I want a appology from Luanda, I was following up my order and she was just so difficult she didnt want me to proceed without giving her the address I went through so many different addresses just to get it right like it was a game and the address she said she had on system was wrong and i asked her to change and she said she cannot so i asked so my order will go to wrong place and she said nothing she can do then i said ok ill call back but wanted to rate her service so didnt put phone down and she insisted i put phone down so i put it down was fuming though. does Telkom ever listen to their recorded phonecalls or is it just a hoax and fooling people. then I spoke to a lovely gentleman that helped me and funny enough the address i gave first to luanda was the right one there was no wrong address. I want this resolved and a appology 25/7/2018

thank you

Jul 25, 2018

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