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Telkom SA SOC / uncapped internet lies

1 Cape Town, South Africa
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Telkom has for the past year been on a blatant drive to sell "un-capped" internet packages to unsuspecting customers without informing the customers of the consealed "fair usage policy" which "throttles" (the actual terminology n the telkom software system) customers after they have used a pre-determined amount of data. We (as with all customers in this era of home entertainment) opted for an uncapped internet package to fulfill our requirements for home entertainment like betfliz where we can stay home and watch movies as a family. Telkom has latched onto these lifestyle trends and aggresively marketed these internet packages as uncapped internet to fulfill such small business and lifestyle requirements. We had personally opted for our package around 2 years ago (before telkom started activating this fair usage policy) without anybody sharing any of this as a possibility - where telkom has created the 'right' to slow the internet to almost zero to the point of not even being able to access google - a mere 0.5mb per second. Telkom is still aggressively selling these internet packages with all the benefits plastered all over there stores. But zero information informing customers og this 'fair usage policy' trap. As per telkom call centre: the only way to get better service speed is to upgrade! The existing ineternet 'uncapped' package to a higher data speed within the 'uncapped package. Surely if telkom can officially use words like 'throttled' within their telkom software system to adequately explain their feelings towards what they feel are 'errant' customers.. Then they should know that phrasings like "uncapped" is misleading at the least.. As the customer is sold the impression that they will have unimpeded telkom internet access on telkoms uncapped internet packages. This is not the case so this is not just misleading but almost fraudulent in its implications. The call centre sales teams and the telkom front office sales staff shares zero information with customers about this - but seem to have all the rote information to share and protect this fair usage policy once it takes effect. This is a very underhanded way for telkom to corner the internet market in the wake of massive interest in home entertainment which requires true uncapped - unimpeded internet access. Telkom should plaster this fair usage policy across all its stores and have a recording on their call centre lines while you have to spend hours waiting on the line forced to listen to unending telkom marketing ploys without any information of substance - like this unfair usage policy. This policy should be scrapped or the full disclosure that "uncapped' does not mean"unimpeded"to telkom and that customers more than likely will end up with an almost-zero-speed internet service which can be remedied by purchasing a higher tire of"uncappedness"within the customers existing"uncapped"service exacerbated by the laughable" thank you for calling telkom how can we keep connecting you"song the call centre staff sings after you make it through the 30minute forced marketing hold - just enough to get you to puke an"uncapped" amount into the back of your throat.

Jan 21, 2019

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