Telkom SA SOCunauthorized debiting of my account and telkom charging me for the bank fees

I phoned Telkom at the beginning of August to cancel my subscription. The debit order then went off again on the 24th of August. I then went onto Telkom self service to request for a cancellation again as the telephonic cancellation was never processed.

The following Debit orders have been collected to date and I have also highlighted them on the attached documents:

- 25 July - R470.72 this I am in agreement with- this went through successfully
- 24 August - R420.28 - this went through successfully .You collected a full month but my Wi-Fi stopped working on the date I spoke to Telkom to cancel the Wi-Fi. My Wi-Fi was cut off instantly
- According to you, my Wi-Fi was only cancelled on the 31st of August. Please refer to the attached mail and to my email above wherein I have stated that I actually cancelled it at the beginning of August but whomever I spoke to did not complete the cancellation thus I resubmitted on self service a request to cancel my Wi-Fi. I also gave 30 days' notice well in advance thus I did not mind the R420.28 being taken from my account as I assumed this was the last months payment being taken.
- 25 September - Telkom collected R130.60 - this went through successfully
- 25 October - Telkom collected R17.50? you are saying this is for itemised billing but I have never received an itemised bill from Telkom - not even in the post. - This also went through successfully.
- 15 Nov. and 20. Nov. Telkom collected an "Early D/order" for an amount of R8.50, R130.60 and R17.15, I had no money in my account thus the collection was unsuccessful - I never have money in my account before the 23rd of any month and I also did not authorise this collection or receive a call from Telkom informing me that they are planning on doing a collection on that day. It was not authorised.
- 23 Nov. 2018 - Telkom collected another R130.60 from my account - this went through successfully
- 27 Nov. 2018 - Telkom collected another R17.15 from my account - this went through successfully

Since my cancellation in August, Telkom has collected the following amounts:

August - R420.28
September - R130.60
October - R17.50
November - attempted to collect: R156.25, the debit orders was not successful as there was no money in my account and the D/orders were not authorised, you then collected another 2 debit orders which were successful for an amount of R147.75
Total money collected: R716.13

You are now stating that you are collecting another R423 in December for my usage in August (even although my wifi was cut off instantly in August), and the rest is for bank charges for the 3 debit orders that were rejected due to Telkom collecting on dates that were not authorised. I am lodging a complaint regarding this with the Regulator as well as I would love to know why I have paid R716.13 so far and still expected to pay another R423 in December for something that I initially cancelled at the beginning of August. Please advise what the R716.13 has been for and what the remaining R423 is for as well?

Dec 10, 2018

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