Telkom SA SOCthe service from the call centre

In March I changed Banks so on phoned in the call centre to change my details in which the agent did not save my details in their system so in April I had to go pay manually which was fine and sorted then comes May and exactly the same ### all over again which I was told to go pay or my lines will be cancelled . I went and payed my bill then I was later in the month double debited and had the R200 bouncing account fines added on to all off this in the two months from the call centres screw ups so instead of my bill being normal R760 a month this month has gone to R2400 which is ### and soon going to throw all my devices into a telkom store and tell the whole of Johannesburg what a ### service telkom provides I have never dealt with such crap in my life ... and never choosing telkom again
If this is not taken lightly im going to have to cause a scene

May 18, 2017

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