Telkom SA SOCtelkom small business phone line

We logged a call with your call centre that our phone line was dead on the 3rd of Dec and was allocated a Ref Number: 10CRI031218. The phone is not working and the internet line is unstable. They promised to send a technician but to no avail. No one seems to be accountable or willing to take responsibility. The phone has been down for 7 days, and all the call centre says is that they are allocating a technician to the Job. This is not the first time we have had this uncaring service from Telkom. This is a business line, how do you expect a small business to survive with this kind of poor service for an essential tool of business.

We took on this line with Telkom about 6 years ago. There are meant to be 3 outgoing lines from the number but all the 3 lines have never worked. Only two are functioning, we have complained over and over and we are tired and gave up. Guess what we still pay every month for what we don't use.

Please tell us if you don't want our business so that we can terminate the service and go to better service providers with a human face and those that are happy to talk to their clients.

Will Telkom refund us for the period during which we have no service.


Dec 10, 2018

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