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Cancelled my Softcap service from telkom in January 2017 to move to Afrihost but kept voice line with Telkom. I followed the procedure of mailing the service email and received the form which I then downloaded and completed ( as instructed by telkom consultant) and sent back to the email address provided. My line was then pooled and moved over to afrihost before end of January 2017. Yet Telkom still billing me for softcap and everytime I call in to ask for correct bill a dispute is logged but still I receive the incorrect bill. I called in again start May for correct bill but was told to pay the full amount and rest will be credited. I asked for correct bill as it's been 3 months incorrect. Now telkom wants to charge interest for not paying my (incorrect) bill and my line was cut!!! So I once again called in to ask what was going on and the consultant in billing department said my softcap wasn't cancelled and that I should call sales to cancel it. So I once again held the line for 15min and explained my story to the consultant. The consultant then explained the method which I SHOULD have followed to cancel softcap. I told him this is exactly what I did. He then check my account and confirmed I was telling the truth...and said I had to call billing department to unsuspend the line in order for sales to cancel the softcap (again?????) So I called to billing department again and waited another 15min before the call was dropped. What can I do to solve this problem? How can I stop Telkom from billing me unfairly?

May 17, 2017

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