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Joburg, ZA
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I have been a Telkom subscriber for the past 3-years. I had requested a consultant to change my debit order date from the 5th to the 15th of each month. She had not advised me that the change would take effect from the following month. However, Without permission from me telkom debited my account on the 28th Feb 2017, and Ofcourse it went unpaid because my debit order date was set for the 5th initially. Now telkom wants to charge me a reconnection fee of R200!!! And then they debit my AGAIN on the 15th March 2017!!! For an amount that's not even close to what they were supposed to have debited. Now telkom disconnects my service and says until the balance is paid I will remain disconnected. I even have a case opened from THREE WEEKS AGO regarding the reconnection fee, which has not been resolved yet!!! IMAGINE BEING A LOYAL CUSTOMER OF TELKOM MOBILE FOR THREE YEARS BECAUSE OF FAULTS MADE BT TELKOM MOBILE, I AM BEING DISCONNECTED IN AN INSTANT. TELKOM MOBILE IS THE WORST NETWORK TO BE ON!! I WILL NEVER USE THEIR SERVICES AGAIN OR EVEN RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS!!!

Mar 28, 2017

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