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We had decided on upgrading to from Telkom ADSL uncapped to Telkom LTE uncapped.
This has been more of a downgrade than an upgrade!
Firstly a box arrives with the modem supplied by Telkom 26 April 2017.
An e-mail was sent and a call logged asking for assistance with the setup 2 May 2017. No assistance was received.
On 4 May 2017 I attempted to install the product myself and called Telkom to assist with the setup. We have had endless problems with passwords and line speed problems. The passwords were finally sorted out on Sunday 7 May and a Telkom technician has advised us that our line speed should reach 50Mbps. It reached 16Mbps!
We complained about the line again on Monday 8 May because the speed is very eratic. We are reaching between 2Mbps to 16Mbps with a lot of downtime and no internet access at all.
On 9 May a technician by the name of David looked at our profile setting and changed our network settings from Auto to 4G only. He said this will stop the eraticness of the line it will be more consistant and our line speed tested at 16Mbps and will stay stable with this speed. This has not happened.
At 4:44pm - 9 May - line speed tested at 1.5Mbps
At 10:37pm - 9 May - line speed tested at 11.22Mbps
At 11:44pm - 9 May - line speed tested at 21.04Mbps
At 8:00 - 10 May - we are not even able to run a speed test!

Firstly where is the 90Mbps speed? and we dont expect a full 90Mbps but above 50Mbps will be sufficient considering that is what we are paying for!
Your advertising pitch is up to 90Mbps but then when an area test is done it should be advised as to what speed is expected in the area!
The support turnaround time is too long. We are a business and paying for a service which we are not receiving.
We have been given so many different explanations about how Telkom LTE works from the different technicians that we do not know what to believe anymore, one explanation is different from the next.

May 10, 2017

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