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PRETORIA, South Africa
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My parents landline has been out of service since 18 december 2016. Several fault reporting six to be exact and same sms received your service has been restored. Six different technicians each with a different story. The one story was to order new underground lines. The other story is that there is one ine to less and a new number was installed and they took there cable to connect the new service. A manager (phadi)coming out said if the technician come to give her a call she wants to be present while they working. Yesterday at 16h00 a technician came to my parents gate after phoning twice i stated that my parents are old please to be patient. As requested my father phoned the manager stating that the technician is there she did not even know who was speaking or what it was about. Again so fault restored no telkom line. My fahter has cancer my mother is lying with oxygen the need there telephone it is a matter of urgency

Jan 23, 2017

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