Telkom SA SOC / service on telkom router

Boksburg, South Africa

My Telkom Router was booked into Carnival mall on 13 Dec 2016.

On the 4th of Jan, I got an sms letting me know that the Router was dispatched from the warehouse and I should receive a call in 4 days from the store to come and collect it.

On the 11th of Jan, I visited the store, and they said they will check for the device with my ID numbers because I didnt have my job card invoice with me. They checked, but found nothing.

On the 20th of Jan, I went back to the store and the device was there, but the back cover as well as the adapter was missing. Both these items were booked it the router. I was not able to accept the device back as there was a deviation.

Ont the 27th of Jan, I went back to the store again and there had been no change.

Up to date, no one has called me from Telkom telling to me to come to the store, although the device was actually in the store.

Courier IT account No: 13463

This is very frustrating, especially since my business is affected by this and Im incurring higher data costs, while still paying a contract. Going to the store takes time and energy which I could be using on something else.


Jan 30, 2017

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