Telkom SA SOCservice cancelled, but amount was never closed

HI there,

Account No: [protected]
Service line: [protected]

First request was sent on 14th July 2016
Second escalation was sent on 5th October 2016 (via your telkom chat service)

I cancelled my account in early 2016, I followed the process by completing the cancellation form and attached all my relevant documents. During the course of 2016, I enquired several times as to why my account was never cancelled/ stopped to which I was told the issues will be escalated. After complaining a few times, it was eventually cancelled in late 2016 by the technical department. Now I have an issue where my account is still not credit and cleared. I was told that this would be done after the cancellation. Clearly it was never done!!!

Yesterday I applied for a cellphone contract, but I was declined as there is an outstanding balance to my surprise. This is really unacceptable and I am disgusted by the treatment from the Telkom side. My account was handed over incorrectly and i have received many calls from debt collectors. Just to find out today that the account is still not sorted out. why must clients beg Telkom departments to resolve issues. I dont feel the need to log a dispute and beg someone to look at my issues. What is the damn issues, clearly you don’t know your own business process? It seems like I have to tell you what the process should be. I didn’t [censored] up here and why I am held accountable? Totally and utterly disgusted. Please do not advertise all these wonderful products and service, when you know you cant even provide a proper after sale service... I cant wait for my data contract to come up for renewal so I can move away. Please go learn a thing of two from CellC… one thing they know is how to treat customer bad but Telkom takes the cake.

Can someone please sort this damn mess out...

Jan 10, 2017

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