Telkom SA SOCnone return off mobile cellphone.

To whom it may concern

I write this email with frustration, disappointment and disgust! I have never experienced such blatant disregard for a customer in my life.
Your staffs at Telkom Vincent Park do not care or have your customer’s interest at heart. They are clearly only there to receive their salary at the ends of the month. I staff member in particular needs to be trained on all aspect of his job. Viwe Mgxekwa clearly has not been trained or given the right information to give to the customer.
Let me describe my current situation with your Vincent Park branch.
21/09/2016 I took my BlackBerry Z3 into Telkom Vincent Park as I have a contract with Telkom account no [protected]. I was assisted by Viwe Mgxekwa I told him that my phone was not working. He explained to me that the phone was out of warranty, but he could send to repairs. I asked him would I be charged for the repairs if I did not accept the quote. He said no, I asked him again are you sure and he said yes. I asked him to please double check and he asked one of the ladies he works with. He came back and said I won’t be charged. I said ok you can send it away. I then received the following SMS:
SMS received 21/09/2016
Dear Amanda your phone has been booked in with Ref.TRJ025800. Kindly submit proof of purchase with IMEI number. We will contact you with any updates. Telkom Mobile. Please do not reply to this
SMS received 22/09/2016
Dear Amanda Leibach your Z3 BlackBerry has been allocated to a repair centre for repairs- Ref TRL028433 We will contact you with any updates. Telkom Mobile. Please do not reply to this.
SMS received 23/09/2016
Dear Amanda Leibach your device has been deemed out of warranty and has been quoted for R 525, 00 incl VAT. Payment to Telkom Repairs, ABSA [protected], Ref No: TRL028433. Quote valid for 7 days. A consultant will be in contact shortly. Telkom Mobile.
SMS received 27/09/2016
Dear Amanda Leibach your device quote has been rejected, and is awaiting a payment of R188, 10 assessment fees. Payment to Telkom Repairs, ABSA [protected], Ref No: TRL028433Telkom Mobile.
SMS received 28/09/2016
Dear Amanda your BlackBerry Z3 has been dispatched back to Ingram Micro Returns Handset will be delivered in 4 days. Telkom Mobile. Please do not reply to this.
I went back to the store sometime in late October as I had not heard anything from Telkom Vincent Park regarding my phone. I spoke to (not sure of her name but can get it) and asked if my phone was in store. She checked for me and said that they had not received the phone. I asked her to check on the system and she said it came up that they were awaiting the payment of R188.10. I explained to (not sure of her name but can get it) that I had asked Viwe several times if I Would be charged and he said no. I refused to pay the R188.10 and insisted on my phone as I was not prepared to pay the R188.10 because as far as I was told I would not have to pay for anything should I not accept the quote. I then saw Viwe and told her he was the one that had helped me and gave me the wrong information. He then said he would pay the monies to get my phone back as he did not want to lose his job. I left the store very unhappy and very unsatisfied.
I returned to the store on the 16/12/2016 as yet again I had not heard from anyone at Telkom Vincent Park. This time I got Nandi I explained my story AGAIN Viwe was not in the store that day. Nandi said she would send an email and see what was happening with this repair.
I returned to the store the 26/12/2016 as yet AGAIN I had NOT been contacted. Nandi and Viwe were on duty. I again ask where my phone was. They both looked at me like I was mad. Viwe asked “don’t you have it?” (If I had it would I honestly be asking for it?) I said no! He said I did pay the money and I thought you had your phone already. I was told AGAIN that they would follow up. I asked when would I get feedback, Viwe said by the 02/01/2017.
On the 07/01/2017 I walked into the store and said to Viwe” I am STILL awaiting for you to get back to me!”
Today 17/01/2017 I have not had a single call, sms, and email about where my phone is! I pay my contract every month without fail. I deserve as your customer to be treated better than this. All I wanted was to be given feedback, not just be forgotten about; this behavior from your staff is not acceptable at all. I can honestly say I will never ever take out a contract with Telkom again. You customer service unacceptable and I am extremely unhappy. I still have no phone.

Jan 17, 2017

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