Telkom SA SOC / no asdl line connection

Reference Number FAULT 32CTK241117 Reported at 07:05 am on the 24th of November 2017
Telkom, this is really unacceptable that the service is still not working and it seems that incompetent people are working on this fault issue.
This fault was reported early on Friday morning 07:05 am and a technician was only assigned to this after 17:00 pm on Friday. Therefore no one worked on this issue further, leaving a whole lot of users without internet on the weekend. Seeing that it was a stolen cable and a large area affected.
Let me tell you, I have the option to work from home as my work offices are located in Bryanston. Without internet I am unable to do any work and have to drive through traffic and a distance to be able to do any work.
This is getting to a stage where I want to stop my service and find a provider that have competent people working for them, then this issue would have been fixed before the weekend.
PLEASE ASSIGN SOMEONE COMPETENT TO THIS MATTER!!! In this day and age stolen cables are not an excuse anymore and surely should not take days on end!!!

Nov 27, 2017

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