Telkom SA SOCnew sim card phone

My parents are 90 living in the Crags Plettenberg Bay. Their phone cables were stolen and Telkom has decided not to put the cables back and told residents they have to use the new Telkom phone which has a SIM card. For 6 months my parents have been charged for their unlimited calls line via debit order but they cannot use the phone. We have been phoning daily. They were told to take the phone into Knysna Telkom. At 90 YEARS OLD they drove to Knysna out of pure DESPERATION to be told to leave the phone there and come back after one week. When they went back they were given the phone back without a SIM card. My Mother had the sense to ask where the SIM card was. She was then given a new SIM card out of a sealed packet. Again when they got home NOTHING!! The entire family has been phoning Telkom daily to get them to set up their phone. Finally we discovered that my parents number had been cancelled and they had been given their friends number. He had cancelled his contract with Telkom for the same reasons. Now they can call out using his number but still cannot receive calls and they seem to have lost their old phone number. Every time we phone we get told it will be sorted out in 24 hours!! This service is SHOCKING!! My parents have had a nervous breakdown over the stress that this has caused! I am going to put this story everywhere including Carte Blanche.

Nov 27, 2018

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