Telkom SA SOCmislead and lied to for sales by liaisons and staff

So a friend and I got a nice phone from Telkom over the black Friday weekend. Yeah, we both walked out with what we thought we were clear on just having purchased.

To cut it all short, Does the New Mate 20 lite support wireless charging? According to the probably 5 sales assistants, and Huawei sales and marketing liaison that was part of this welcome crew assured us that it has wireless charging along with fingerprint recognition that they've moved to the front screen, which use to be at the back ( which is still at the back, Im not sure how I activate or if there is this front unlock unlock touch option in the front as he says.

After a quick google search on the Mate 20 lite, its capabilities and its wireless charger I see Q&As like does it support reverse / wireless charging. and I see the answers is NO! with some articles having these long streams of info regarding this function that seems to be non existent!?

Imagine the shock when you out buying wireless chargers and and accessories that comes at a hefty price already!

I would really appreciate some clarity and answers! Were we mislead by that entire team at Telkom Canal Walk ( the one on lower level opposite Clicks) ?

We going to be so disappointed and upset that they mislead us for the sake of a sale!!

Please contact me immediately to resolve this matter and advise, and what are we supposed to do due to Telkom's deceptions and what are the repercussion if this is the case.?
These articles are very confusing. How could they lie to us like that and bombard us with deals and free items, to mislead people like this is unacceptable, and unethical!

Dissapointed Uncertain Customer

Nov 27, 2018

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