Telkom SA SOC / landline suspended

TONGAAT, South Africa

Good day.

I am totally dissatisfied with the assistance that i have been receiving from customer care since 20/12/2018. No feedback received after numerous calls.
Was contacted at the end of October 2018 regarding upgrade to fixed line look alike. Went to a store in November only to find out account is on my dads name who is now late. In December 2018 went to a store with all relevant documents to transfer account to my brother's name. All sorted out foned customer care to check if new details on the system and was told everything has been updated. 20th Dec 2018 loaded R210 airtime for rental to be deducted on 1st Jan 2019. 28 Dec received call from upgrade dept spoke to Akheem Abrahams regarding upgrade order. Application for upgrade was approved. Also logged a case regarding problems with the fone unable to receive calls. Got no feedback. 07th Jan 2019 yearly rental was deducted. Able to make and receive calls. 11th Jan unable to make or receive calls. Called accounts dept was told by agent line has been suspended. Spoke to another agent an was told line has been cancelled. Accounts dept unable to help transferred to sales dept. Agent from sales unable to help as they assist with new lines. 14th Jan sales dept logged case with back office as per the agent. 21st Jan called customer care again was told cannot help i need to fone billing dept or go to a store. Billing dept agent states that my account is up to date and cant understand why my line is suspended. 23rd Jan called billing dept again and was told my line is cancelled but still have credits. Cancellation due to non payment..
At accounts dept agent says one system says line active and up to date awaiting upgrade and then another system says line cancelled..

Jan 23, 2019

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