Telkom SA SOClandline and adsl

Both the landline and ADSL have not been working since 27 December 2016. I have called the Telkom Support Center three times and I am always told that this needs a technician's assistance. It has been two weeks and still no resolution. I use my ADSL for work purposes and this has hindered me quite a bit. It's now a thought of mine to simply move over to another provider that treats their customer as the number one priority.

My fault ticket is 1011CRK030117.

What amazes me is that Telkom is extremely prompt on account payments and statements but could not be bothered about the service. It will not surprise me that even after two weeks of no service (being half the month), Telkom will still send me a bill for the full months usage. Absolutely appalling service and no sense of urgency.

Jan 09, 2017

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