Telkom SA SOCincompetent staff / costing me extra expenses

My account nr is [protected].
My contract expired in October 2018. I phoned in and requested a cancellation. My normal debit order amount each month was R143.73
At the end of October i retracted the pmt and on the 5'th of November, a double pmt was taken from my bank acc for this. I then phoned again about the cancellation. The person told me that the first request was not processed. So i requested once again for this contract to be cancelled. On the 5'th of December, another double pmt was taken off my bank acc for this. I phoned again! The person told me the request was processed late so the pmt was due again. Yesterday i get a statement stating that i now still owe over R400. What the hell??? I do not even use the sims at all. How many times does it take to cancel a damn contract????? I demand my money back as the debit order amount was not agreed upon either. How dare Telkom just take money as they please? Quick to sell the product but due to useless staff, i lose money and patients. I will never use Telkom again and not recommend it to others. This is fraud!!! I want answers!!! My email: [protected]

Dec 08, 2018

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