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Telkom SA SOC / false advertising and call centre agents unauthorized purchase on my contract

1 Cape town, South Africa

On 23 nov i purchasred telkoms 100gig nightsurfer for R100 valid till 23 dec. Todate it is still not working. Ive been on the phone with them prob a combined 5 days in total with no joy. They tested my line and signal is fine (mind u i have used telkom data only previously) i get told to call back during night surfer time(12midnight till 7am) when i do iether they are upgrading their systems and cant help or they their is a technical issue. On the 25 nov the eventually log it (log number [protected]). Then this is the pits...after that call i receive 3 sms's that says the following...ur limit exceeded...limit increased and the R100 deducted from ur account. I then call the call centre who says their systems indicate that i purchased 300mins on the telkom app. Which i didnt as my phone was on charge. Incident [protected] was then logged for that... both with a 72 hour turn around time. At 20.30 on the 25th a lady from telkom calls and says she spoke to me the afternoon and never vlosed my details...she then apologised and said she purchased the mins incorrectly on my account and she will excalate to her manager to reverse immediately. 30 nov at 18.30 i spoke an agent who couldnt help. I asked to speak to a manager to call me and back... no call received too date. I called the 4th and 5th December again couldnt help. I asked to speak to a managet and was told no one on duty. When i insisted i was but on hold +/-30mins. Eventually i spoke to a team leader Luthando who insured that he will escalate both log no.s and call be back the next day. 11 dec i spoke to Tolisa who also couldnt help and eventually after nagging i was given luthano's email address. When i emailed luthando i got a return receipt stating that he no longer works for telkom since 10 dec. The incident regarding the incorrect purchase on my account was 'finalised' the 300mins was reversed but the R100 was not reversed. I advised Tolisa that i want it reversed. How can u relsove something and only reverse half of the stuff and conveniently leave the bill on my account. I pay by bill via eft on 27th of each month. And by god they thied to deduxt thrle R100 off my account on the 15th. I want this bank charges and telkoms reversal fee reversed and the R100... this is illegal i didnt give u permission to purchase on my account and also yo debit my account. Back to why i actually call telkom initially is that the 100gig night surfer is not working... this incident is still not resolved and it expires on the 23 dec and i havent used 1mb of it. I kept getting told they know what the issue is and will be resolved soon. No one can reslove this or gives feedback. On the 11 dec called and requested to speak to a manager and and tequest the complaints department no. And was told only a manager can give me that details. I insisted on waiting. Was put on hold for almlst 45mins then all of a sudden a survey starts and call cuts. Spoke to simphiwe on the 13th and he was going to get a manager to call me the same day... im still waiting. I am beyond frustrated! I posted my complaint on telkoms facebook response...posted again and received a msg from a frank and maggie stating that will give me feedback shortly and nothing. Then frank send me a msg on my post and says that i am spamming and will be blocked from the site! Really for voicing my frustrations! I want this issues resolved and the 100gig that i already paid for relsoved. I want my expiry time extended from the day they sort it out. It has been over 3 weeks now way over the 72hours given to me. Telkoms doesnt care about service...their staff dont assist and keep saying its with back office... u waiting on average 30 mins before a call is answered... managers dont get back to u track u incident on their app, the minute u query their is a technical error. Can someone please assist...alternatively givem me the head of complaints contact details or the ombudsmans details.

Dec 17, 2018

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