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Cape Town, ZA
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Telkom installed an internet line for me then added an extra internet line on my landlady's account. Each month we get a bill and try to cancel and each month they say they will cancel but don't so the amount just increases. Their latest excuse it that my ISP(Afrihost) needs to conver the line back to a landline before they can cancel. My ISP has no record of that Telkom number and have never converted such a number. They only have the number I am currently using which is not the same line. Between my landlady and myself, we have made over 50 calls since October 2016 trying to get this cancelled.Each time it's a diiferent person from a differect province. The last person we spoke to was a lady from EL called Bonza who said she would have this cancelled but nothing has happend to date. I have made a complaint on this forum and still nothing has happened. Telkom says I cannot request changes to be made because my landlady has to do it herself but at the same time they say I added the extra line to her account. How does one use someone else's name to add an account but are then not able to use the same name to remove the account. What sort of business ethics are those?This has caused problems between the two of us and I am now looking for a new place to live. Telkom needs to fix this now and refund her account. They should apologise for the utterly horrid service as well. Please see previous complaint ref:

ICASA Complaint Registered
We have received communication regarding a complaint addressed to ICASA for mediation. Your Complaint has been registered and allocated the following ICASA Complaint Reference No: WCP5194/16 .

Mar 17, 2017

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