Telkom SA SOCdoes not deliver on pre order deal,

Good day, I place a pre-order in November and got a sales call on 1/11/2018. on the call it was confirmed that i qualify for the smart watch that was offered to the 1st 60 Customers, I did not received the Smart watch. I made numerous attempt to follow up. (Call centre/Shop/online Query/Live chat)

The was for the Huawei smart watch GT. i ask telkom to listen to the same call that i agreed to the contract as proof, on the same call i stated that i only agree to the contract provide i get the Smart watch and the sale lady confirm that i qualify so then she proceeded with the sale, i consistently call to follow up and still yet to get it, the order number was ********** 51A case number ********** 5 this was for the Mate 20 Pro

the hold time at the call centre are extremely long 30-50 min and i am not getting answers.The online chats are non responsive.

I hope telkom fulfill there end or remedy the issue.

I spend an enormous amount of the time try to get an answer to no avail

Dec 04, 2018

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