Telkom SA SOCcontinue billing after cancellation

Hey guys,

I have cancelled my business account line 3 times, the most recent cancellation has a reference of:

Reference number: 123319september
Name: donay jordaan
Branch: port elizebeth

Yet am still receiving bills? I assumed this was a delay in the cancellation going forward yet it has been a few months and this hasn't been reflected.

My name is mike kelly, id number [protected], the line was at this address:

Unit 024, mason's press, 7 ravenscraig road, woodstock.

I have paid up until the original cancellation date (Mid-last year) , which cleared everything but continued to receive bills, which now total r2000+. I would like this line to be finally cancelled, and the outstanding amount to be cleared as I cancelled prior to each of the bills that I received.

Please let me know if you need more information as soon as possible so we can resolve this matter!



Jan 19, 2017

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