Telkom SA SOCconnection 3g flla wifi phone

In september 2018 we received a call from telkom that they are changing copper line connections through 3g wifi phones due to the theft from copper airlines in the area of swellendam (western cape), and would provide us with 3g flla wi-fi phones.
Client number or account number [protected]
They delivered the phone on friday 9 november 2018, with instructions to connect the phone to activate the sim card. (iccid sim [protected])
We noticed that the copper landline was disconnected immediately after delivery from wi-fi phone.
A call to the helpcenter (10210) learned us that the sim apparently had to be activated and would take between 24h and 48 h
We are a working restaurant and guesthouse and you can imaging the consequences for our business.
On monday 12 november 2018, still no service, again phoning the help center.
Same result, consultant told us the instruction to activate was put through, but waiting period again 24h -48h
Two days later still no connection at all with a big cycle event coming up the next weekend, and with people starting to complain via emails that we are not reachable.
Again calling helpcenter, getting the same story and a number of a so-called direct line, like [protected] were provided to call to.
But no matter the effort to call them, still the same story, they are busy activating the sim and we can only wait and be patient. Numerous calls the same day to the different numbers, no result...

At the end of the week, desperate by now, again calling, but same story over and over, and nobody can or could provide an adequate answer to why it has to take so long.
Asking to reconnect the copper line immediately was impossible according telkom.
Weekend of 17 and 18 november 2018 passes with tens of thousand rands losses due to lack of a phone line for clients to book lunches, diners and accommodation...

Today monday 26 november 2018, how outrageous it may sound, still no connection, even after phoning 12 times and for 2 and 1/2 hours to at least 10 telkom consultants
We really do not anymore who to turn to, to solve this matter and get rid of the endless frustration dealing with telkom sa.

Nj van rillaer

Nov 26, 2018

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