Telkom SA SOCcancellation of my telkom line & adsl

Good day, I have been trying to sort this matter out since last year Oct 2017. I cancelled my telkom landline as well as my adsl end of Oct and since then have been constantly trying to get someone to sort this out. Firstly I am still receiving accounts on a monthly basis and secondly I am due a refund on the money I paid. I have been sent from pillar to post, spoken to supervisors who have all asked for the necessary documents with regards to this matter and promised me that they would sort the matter out, only to find nothing being done. Each supervisor assured me to email again if nothing was done and that they would keep in touch, but to no avail. I have wasted time on the phone trying to sort this out numerous time. I eventually went through My Broadband and lodged my complaint with Telkom, I then received a phone call from this number (041) 505-6200 assuring me that the matter with the landline side had been sorted and Telkom had to refund me R1588.97 but that I was to wait until the ADSL dept got hold of me assuring me that they sorted out the charges and cancellation and once that was all done and they had worked out my refund as well I was to then contact Telkom for the full refund. This phone call happened on the 12th February and I am still waiting for someone to contact me. It is no good contacting the call centre because nothing gets sorted out and fixed. I would like this matter sorted out immediately as this has gone on for long enough and for a company as big as Telkom this is absolutely shocking and disgusting that a straightforward matter like this cannot be dealt with by staff and even worse by the so called supervisor's in charge. If this matter does not get sorted out in the next few weeks I will have no choice but to take this further and get in contact with Hello Peter and the Ombudsman.

Jun 04, 2018

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