Telkom SA SOC / business line still not working, telkom offers no assistance and will close my business if this persists.

Paarl, South Africa
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We as a business (lizrau pty ltd) account number [protected]. intended to move end november from somerset to paarl. on 4 november we phoned telkom to find out if it is possible to keep our number as it is on all our packaging. the sales representative mthokozisi (reference number 151894851a) assured us that it will be no problem what so ever. all we need to do is install our new line at our new premises and phone telkom and they will immediately port the number on the day. so we moved and we phoned for this to be done but instead we spent 1 hour on the phone being transferred back and forth between sales, technical, business and private. the reference number given previously did not even help us speak to the correct person. after loosing my temper I finally spoke to representative that said no he can port the number it will take 3-7 days (reference number for call 151918584a and he is sending an email as we speak to his superior as his superior must authorize it and it will be then done. so 7 days came and passed and nothing was done no number is working. again tried to use our reference number, but no luck again

Then reached another representative who then said no we must reactivate the line at our old premises and then immediately our line can be ported on the day it will cost r600, we said no problem. reference number for this call was ai2670719. so the technician went out to the premises to do the work spoke to him 3 times as we are not at the premises and the box is on the outside. he decided to leave and not do it at all and told his superiors that he could not get hold of us. so they phoned me and we had to set a date again for this line to be reactivated which then was done on 10 january (1 and 1/2 months later already still mo telkom line and extremely damaging to my business) not that anyone in telkom cares. so finally on 10 january the line was reactivated and were insured that on that day the number will be ported. however we phoned again using our reference number which again could not be used and we reached a person called ismail pomodi who now said now we have to port our number and he can not tell us how long it will take and that I must write a letter requesting this. which I did now it is 12 days later and still no porting of my number however my bill could be done on the day my line was reactivated, so nothing is wrong with the accounts department as collecting the money can be done on the day but what ever the client needs is irrelevant.

When asked ismail how long this process will still take as it is now 2 months I have waited for my line to be ported he just said he can't say and other clients have been waiting 2 months.

Is this really what telkom has come to, simply not caring and making business so difficult for small businesses by doing everything in their power to damage and close businesses as businesses can not function with out telephone lines.

I sit with my hands in my hair and I simply do not know anymore. what is wrong with this world and in particular telkom.

The telkom line I need at my new premises is [protected] adress shop 55 old rembarndt mall, paarl.

I sincerely hope someone can help.

Jan 25, 2017

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