Telkom SA SOC / billing issue


I am really dissatisfied with the level of service received by the after service team the past few days.
I had a contract with Telkom mobile and have been billed in arrears every month. Even this month (November) I am been billed for October.
In store I was told that in December I will be billed for November and was also validated a day later by a customer care supervisor.
Now I am told by multiple agents that In December I will be billed for November and December. How can I be billed for December within the month of December when the month would not be over cause my debit goes off on the 27th.
This is an upgrade and not a new line so your billing should continue as it was but with a higher premium but in this case, the billing changed completely and now I have to pay for 2 months.
Nobody can provide me valid reasons and all they know is that is how the billing works.
I spoke to more than people over days and spending more than 3 hours of my time to be in the same position I started at is really ridiculous.
I will be terminating my contract as it is still within the cooling off period.
Will never refer anyone to Telkom Mobile as I did in the past.
Naheem Shaik.

Nov 29, 2016

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