Telkom SA SOC / billing incompetence

I recently took 2 data contracts with Telkom. I changed the banking details in August 2016. They kept on debiting on the same old account of which i incured returned debits charges from my bank. On the other hand telkom charged me a fine for not paying. I paid cash at the bank for that . When they finally moved to the correct account, they debited almost double . To my surprise they are saying they cannot see the funds they debited and they have already scheduled to debit double again. Have been calling them since for the past 3 months and been talking to dozens and dozens of consultants, but it has been escalation after escalation, am even traumatised by that word as something worse comes after saying that term. TELL ME WHAT SORT OF SERVICE /INCOMPETENCE IS THIS?
I am tired of this incompetence as it is costing me money

Dec 05, 2016

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