Telkom SA SOC / bad network, billing for adsl which is not installed

Johannesburg, South Africa

First of all I've been with telkom mobile from the beginning.Internet was great now it's the worst that it's ever been.I have to try loading a page for five minutes or more before it loads or I just give up, Even making calls is a problem, as soon as I dial a number I instantly I get call ended before I even get a dial tone and I didn't end the call.If I have an emergency what am I supposed to do which has happened and oops sorry call ended.Now I'll get to ordering wifi.We ordered it waited a couple of months nothing came went back to the agent numerous times, they said(we are not responsible for the installation, please call this number which is customer service).Then we get the bill for the wifi which is not installed, and they took the debit order from the bank which we went to reverse.Then I decided it's enough of the run around and stories and went to cancel, but guess what I'm still getting bills for wifi I don't have.This is telkom the worst network I've ever been with.

Oct 18, 2018

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