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P Aug 08, 2017

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We are paying for a 4 mb/s line

Regular testing with speed test shows the following
1. Often no connection whatsoever . The app states communication or network error
2. Often speeds below 1 mb/ a
3. Often when we are talking to telkom representatives at the Dall center the agents cut us off
4. Sometimes when we complain the service seems to correct itself in minutes from speeds below 1 mb/sec or no service at all to speeds above 2 mb/ sec

For a period of approximately 6 months we were able to watch showmax and download off date catch up. Then all of a sudden of February the service became exceptional unreliable.

I regularly do speed tests .
1. Often no result can be recorded as there is absolutely no connection.
2 I have performed speed tests in the presence of Telkom technicians.
3. Numerous telkom technicians have been to our premises not one has been able to solve the problem.

The following reasons have been provided for the problem.
1. You are too far from the exchange. . . How can this be nothing has changed for six months we had good service with speeds above 2.6mb/sec. How does this change to below 1 mb/sec
2. There is water in the cable . . Nonsense. A speed test within a few minutes of a failed test provides speeds in excess of 1.8 mb/s
3. You have been using too much data so you are being throttled . . . Nonsense we almost never go above 20 gigs and we ate paying for an uncapped line
4. Too many people are connected to your exchange. . . I am inclined to agree that possibly Telkom have oversold the service . This would explain why a threshold point was reached and thereafter the service collapsed

The last technician (your senior technician) Jacques Koopman made the statement that if we complained about the line again we would be charged for the call out. He wanted to move us to a 2 mb/s line which would mean that we would have to cancel our show max subscription. He also said that then the service would not be to bad as the 1 mb/s speeds would constitute at least a 50% service level. What a ridiculous statement to make. Really destroys the remaining goodwill I have toward Telkom

How will Telkom compete when international competition arrives. It is a sad indictment on Telkom management.

I challenge a senior Telkom manager to respond however I do not hold much hope that there will be response to this complaint.

Cell number [protected](as I do not have a reliable Telkom line)

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