Telkom SA SOC / adsl line

Shelly Beach, ZA

30 March 2017

I applied for ADSL to my home in December 2017. When I applied I gave proof of my address and the address was filled in on the application form. I also needed to complete the debit order section or I would not get the ADSL as per the consultant at your Gateway Branch.
I went to your Shelly Beach Branch to obtain a print out of my account after my ADSL was suspended. On my account it shows an old address which I have not been staying at since 2014 and this is where the accounts have been sent to. The debit order was never loaded as well.

I spoke to your accounts department and they assured me that my address have been changed and a new statement was emailed to me.
No Brainer the old address is still on the account.
Due to the incompetence of the staff that has been dealing with my application and not reading the information provided I now have the inconvenience of being without ADSL/Internet and an account close to R3000. I am a pensioner and now need to find that amount before I can be reconnected.
My suggestion is that either you employ people that are competent, train them properly and make sure that they can read.

This is not the first time that I have been disappointed by the Service that I have received from Telkom.

Mar 31, 2017

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