Telkom SA SOC / accounts

pretoria, South Africa

i have a data contract for R199 per month with telkom since 2011 and for some reason they stopped debiting my account in april 2016 for amount of R400 and they decided to handover my account to nudebt and nudebt contacted me only this year to say to that i owe R2700 and current R3600 i dont have a problem to settle my debt but i will not be held liable for legal costs cause telkom stopped debiting my account without any reason and i would like to know why? nudebt also want to exploid me by charging me over my dead body they will not see a cent from me they are crooks why dint they act when the account was handed over to them in may 2016 in august i logged a query with telkom case number ********** 8 and until today no one ever contact me to give feedback rather when i call i get to be told stories that the back office is investigating but they still dont have answers but to say account is being handed over. Telkom must take accountability for their action so we that both parties can reach an amicable decision ASAP without demading money from me illegally.

Sep 18, 2017

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