Telkom SA SOCaccount handed over to vvm debt collectors

I have asked Telkom via their website (, for a normal line transfer to my new address (119 Seascape Mews, Gustrouw Rd, Gordon's Bay) in November 2017. I also went to the Telkom service Centre, Somerset Mall in November 2017 to follow up on the transfer and if all is in order. (This should all be logged onto the Telkom systems for record purposes.)

On 30 November 2017, a Telkom (Coreline) technician come to our new residence to do the transfer as requested. After a while he came back to our residence and informed me that Telkom do not have any infrastructure in the complex we stay, and that he cannot complete the job.

Due to the lack of Telkom infrastructure, I had no other option but to cancel my services with Telkom on 12 December 2017.

Had Telkom informed me in advance that they do not have infrastructure in the complex where I have moved to, I would have cancelled the service in advance, and none of these issues would have arisen.

I feel that I am liable for my Telkom account up to 30 November 2017, but I will not pay for the 30 day notification period as that could have been prevented if the correct information was given. Telkom systems should be able to flag situations like this as this is due to a lack of correct information from their systems and personnel.

Will you please investigate the matter further.

Telkom SA SOC
Telkom SA SOC

Jun 08, 2018

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