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1) Telkom is charging us 33% interest on a payment that was rejected. They are also charging interest on the LTE device and the subscription. That is a ridiculous high interest percentage... Is this right... Is this legal?

2) The original debit order agreement with Telkom was only for R599, but yet they tried to deduct R806.96 just so that they can charge another rejection fee of R202.70

3) On 21 September 2018 I made a manual payment of R529.61 for the August invoice (LTE Device was paid up) as well as R200 to unsuspend our account. On 25 September 2018 Telkom still deducted R529.61 on an already paid account. The debit order was rejected and again they charged us R202.70 rejection fee. Why exactly am I penalized for paying my account prior to the scheduled debit order date? The fact that this was done over a weekend is no excuse. It's not my fault Telkom takes 2-3 working days to allocate EFT payments. They could have reversed those charges once my payment reflected.

4) We contacted Telkom 3-4 months ago to stop the debit order. We wanted to do manual payments going forward as we had fraud on our bank account. Telkom just refused because then they can't take unauthorized debit order amounts which results in charging us interest again. In the meantime, we opened a new bank account and informed Telkom on 10 October 2018, but apparently it will only be activated on Telkom's side in November 2018, which means they will most probably charge us interest again or cut the line again.

5) I made a manual payment of R529.61 again on the 24th of October 2018 for the September invoice. I also made payment of R200 on 25 October 2018 for the interest wrongfully charged as we can not afford our business to stand still AGAIN if Telkom suspends our account AGAIN.

If Telkom really values customer service, they will credit us the last 2 rejection fees as well as the charges for end October 2018.

I trust this is in order and the above will be investigated and rectified.


Nick Jacobs

Oct 26, 2018

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