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JHB, South Africa
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I send through a cancellation of some of my Telkom Services as per Telkom's process. Filled out a Consumer Contract and Services Cancellation/Retention Request form and sent it to [protected] and [protected] Telkom requires 21 business days to complete cancellation. I keep phoning between 15 December 2016 and 04 Jan 2017 to get confirmation and feedback without any joy. on 04 January 2017 I spoke to Ntando Nzama with reference [protected], she promised to get back to me before they Bill me for January 2017 to find out why my services was not canceled. I followed up via her direct mail address on 09 January as no response was received. Today is the 12 January with no response and I just received a bill to pay for January on the canceled services. The worst is that one of the services was a device on a 24 month contract where December was the 24th month. I need to still pay for the device that is finished being payed. This is not acceptable and against the consumer Law.

Jan 12, 2017

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